Honours Board





Men's Singles Ladies Singles
2005 Nick Mason 2005 Steph Trill
2006 Nick Andrews 2006 Steph Trill
2007 Nick Andrews 2007 Steph Trill
2008 Nick Andrews 2008 Sally Cleaver
2009 Peter Chmielewski 2009 Sally Cleaver                   
2010 Nick Andrews  2010 Steph Trill 
2011 Nick Andrews  2011 Steph Trill 
Men's Doubles Ladies Doubles
2005 Chris Bentley and Jon Whiley 2005 Steph Trill and Lucy Warden
2006 Nick Andrews and Keith Rodway 2006 Steph Trill and Angie Skiggs
2007 Nick Andrews and Keith Rodway 2007 Sally Cleaver and Steph Trill
2008 John Bradbury and Mike Godwin 2008 Joyce Bush and Sally Cleaver


2009 Peter Chmielewski and Keith Rodway 2009 Sally Cleaver and Alison Godwin              
2010 Nick Andrews and Dan Ralley  2010 Steph Trill and Alison Godwin 
2011 Nick Andrews and Dan Watt  2011 Steph Trill and Steph Heaps 
Mixed Doubles Handicapped Mixed Doubles
2005 Nick Mason and Steph Trill 2005 John Bradbury and Sandra Voss
2006 Nick Mason and Steph Trill 2006 John Bradbury and Cathy Connell
2007 Mike Godwin and Steph Trill 2007 Mike Rosner and Sally Cleaver
2008 Mike Godwin and Joyce Bush 2008 John Bradbury and Phyl McEwan
2009 John Bradbury and Sally Cleaver 2009 Nick Andrews and Amanda Oberheim
2010 Chris Alpine and Steph Trill 2010 Gary Waghorne and Amanda Oberheim
2011 Nick Redman and Steph Trill  2011 Alan Osman and Linda Waghorne
Invitation Pairs
2007 Salva De Libero and Perry Puddefoot
2008 Gary Waghorne and Linda Waghorne
2009 Harry Puddefoot and Perry Puddefoot
2010 Not Held
2011 Dean Bignell and Sally Tebbs